Greeting From Primary Principal

Whenever I’m asked to write some words of wisdom, welcoming you to our Primary Family, I try to put myself in your shoes. 

Under current turbulent times, the path you walk as parents and children is a daunting one. All eyes are fixated on Covid-19, with strangers suffering in solitude, lonely voices crying out in vain, and indispensable health protocols taking their own toll. While innocent young souls are now forced to spend many hours in front of a screen, which we previously highly discouraged, many caretakers are challenged to become tech-savvy or simply harmonize with a stressful home environment. 

Still, there need not always be a reason to despair. The world may be moaning and trembling on its foundations, but the pillars of Saint John's values stand strong, while the light of Christian hope casts away the shadows of doubt.

Studying online may be burdensome, but we instil the values of resilience and patience.

Maturing emotionally may be difficult, but we inspire the values of love and honesty.

Distance learning may make students less sociable than usual, but we encourage the values of teamwork and compassion.

Figuring out technology and showing responsibility at home is not easy, but we nurture confidence and independence.

We are blessed with a host of dedicated teachers, representing those very same pillars, many of them digitally mastered millennials with the same youthful versatility and inventiveness as the students. These gentle guardians guide them along the long road, as they are intuitive about the needs of the children. 

As the foundation of knowledge may not always be able to lessen our tribulations, the pillars of our values stand firm, and we persevere, grow, and mature. Teachers and students walk hand in hand, raising the banner of truth and compassion, caring for others as they are cared for as well.

These pillars are the reason why the building of the academic framework of excellence can still continue, including the Edexcel international curriculum, the English-speaking environment, and the various competitions. Those dreams need not be abandoned during this pandemic, because we have such a strong moral footing. 

The hope of many may be shaken, but our faith remains unshaken, as we and the children under our care will overcome all obstacles if we are one in togetherness in the eyes of God. As Saint John, our school patron emphasized in 1 John 5:4 "For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith."

Primary Principal