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Moments of December

After more than two years of home learning during the pandemic, students missed real interactions the most. For academic skills, cooperation between teachers, parents and the students themselves can help these students to acquire knowledge. Sometimes knowledge from the internet is abundant. They just need to know which one is ...
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Mengobarkan Semangat Sumpah Pemuda

Semangat Sumpah Pemuda adalah semangat persatuan dan kesatuan yang sepatutnya terus dijaga dan dipelihara kobaran semangatnya. Saint John’s Catholic School senantiasa mengajak murid-murid Saint John’s untuk mengenali keberagaman budaya bangsa dan terus mengobarkan semangat persatuan itu. Perayaan Sumpah Pemuda kali ini secara resmi diisi dengan Upacara Bendera pada tanggal 28 ...
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Language Festival 2022

Language is the cornerstone of intercultural communication. Indonesia is a rich mixing pot of many cultures and languages, so what could be a better fit than a language festival?Welcome to SJCS Language Fest 2022!Pandemic, or no pandemic, we are excited to reach out to schools to promote excellence in communication, ...
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Menjadi Warga Dunia dengan Semangat Sumpah Pemuda

Saint John’s Catholic School hadir dalam Sketsa Keluarga Indonesia di Heartline FM pada hari Rabu, 27 Oktober 2021. Dalam rangka peringatan hari Sumpah Pemuda, hadir wakil-wakil dari Saint John’s yaitu Retty N. Hakim, C. Thika Padeswari, Bekti Yustiarti dan Novi Tri Darmayanti. Topik bahasan mereka hari itu adalah “Menjadi Warga ...
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This is the best school with great teacher. If you are looking for the best teaching, this is it! "Health science in dermal therapy – Victoria University, Australia"
Yesica Hochia Alumni of Saint John 2015
Thanks for creating this good learning. My life is so much easier. Thanks for making such a great school. "Business Administration – Monash University, Australia"
Gervasius Reyvaldi Alumni of Saint John 2015
Packed with awesome subject and exactly what I was looking for. I would highly recommend this to anyone. "Work as Flight Instructor at Eagle Flight Training, Gisborne, New Zealand."
Naomi Aldisa Alumni of Saint John 2015