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Along with our motto of Scientia, Virtus et Vita, each of our campuses displays our shared belief in the key values of Respect, Responsibility, Resiliency, Integrity, Generosity, Harmony and Truth as the foundations on which “SaintJohners” balance their self-development, both academically and in their personal growth.


Operating a blend between the Indonesian curriculum and the UK curriculum gives SJCS students the possibility to take international exams. This serves not only to ensure students graduate with qualifications that are universally accepted, but also to ready our students to enter the global world.


At Saint John’s Catholic Schools, we have always made language learning a priority. From Kindergarten onwards, students are exposed to Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Mandarin. Beginning in Junior High School, students are given the option to choose between Mandarin or German as their third intra-curricular language lesson. In partnering with the German educational experts at the Goethe Institute and PASCH, we are able to offer our students a variety of activities to expand their understanding of German language and culture as well as future access to study possibilities and scholarships in Germany.


Ladislaus Naisaban
Director of Education

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Mengobarkan Semangat Sumpah Pemuda

Mengobarkan Semangat Sumpah Pemuda Semangat Sumpah Pemuda adalah semangat persatuan dan kesatuan yang sepatutnya terus dijaga dan dipelihara kobaran semangatnya.  Saint John’s Catholic School senantiasa mengajak murid-murid Saint John’s untuk mengenali keberagaman budaya bangsa dan terus mengobarkan semangat persatuan itu. Perayaan Sumpah Pemuda kali ini secara resmi diisi dengan Upacara ...
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2022 First Communion

Our students and their parents happily attended the Holy Mass of their First Communion. Now they are truly taking their part in the celebration of Eucharist Sacrament. They are entering the next step of growing in God. Teachers and parents are helping these youngsters to know their path of the ...
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Teach Them Communication, Not War

Education in this era of globalization should be the seed of building a better communication between nations. Youngsters these days will be the leader of tomorrow. Obama’s teachers would not even dream that one day Obama would be the President of the United States. His upbringing as a boy who ...
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Language Festival 2022

Language is the cornerstone of intercultural communication. Indonesia is a rich mixing pot of many cultures and languages, so what could be a better fit than a language festival? Welcome to SJCS Language Fest 2022! Pandemic, or no pandemic, we are excited to reach out to schools to promote excellence ...
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