What is Osmosis

Dear SaintJohners, 

The academic year 2022 - 2023 has reached one semester this December and has given lots of experiences for every school member. Starting the first term with an integrated project and followed by the final test in term two make the learning journey full of colours. ‘Learn for Life’ is a value, an attitude and a skill that the students would need to possess. Saint John's students need to be resilient, adaptable and global in their outlook. They must feel curious and eager to learn as they pursue learning throughout their whole lifetime. Examination and grades are thus comparatively small milestones in a student's life journey.

Some events conducted this semester were heroes' day, Sumpah Pemuda, teachers' appreciation day, and outreach. Heroes' day and Sumpah Pemuda events invited the parents to attend and see the students' performances. The students showed drama, marching, singing, reading poems, storytelling, and fashion show. The fashion show required the students to use recycled items as their costumes.

Those events could be conducted because of the collaboration between parents, students and teachers. Saint John's School believes that collaboration between parents, students, and teachers is compulsory to make holistic learning and to build better communication in achieving the vision and mission of this school. Scientia, Virtus et vita should be reached together, hand in hand. Students should have knowledge and value in their life. Let us welcome the year 2023 with a new spirit and set higher goals for a better future.

Why is it OSMOSIS?

What is Osmosis?

Osmosis is the movement of solute molecules through a semipermeable membrane from a more dilute area to a more concentrated area or from a low (hypotonic) solvent concentration (eg water ) to a high (hypertonic) solvent concentration (eg water). The semipermeable membrane must allow the solvent to pass through, but not the solute, resulting in a pressure gradient across the membrane.

Why is Osmosis for our journal?

Osmosis is inspired by this philosophy of transformation, the change from a dilute form to a more concentrated form. Osmosis wants to provide a new style in school journals. It is more friendly as well as accessible at any time. In addition, every student activity at school can be summarized.  Osmosis, not only for reading but also inspiring others.

What makes Osmosis special?

As the process of osmosis, which not allow the ordinary solvent to pass through, both material and content in the osmosis journal are selected materials. The presented content is carefully filtered to produce the best and most inspiring content.