Occupation Day November 2020

During this academic year of 2020/ 2021, our school invited some interesting community helpers in our occupation month which held on November 2020.    There were four kinds of occupations that all students from Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten 1 and Kindergarten 2 can see and meet virtually. 

Even though our students were not being able to meet them physically, this pandemic situation make them not stop learning.

Saint John’s was cool to bring this fun learning to our students’ houses.  We believe early-age students are always enthusiastic about what they want to be when they grow up and through this event, we stimulate our students to talk about what community is, how to help our community and jobs in our communities. 


Ask most children nowadays what their favourite TV show is and most will tell you their favourite YouTube channel. Children aren’t watching TV like we did growing up, they are watching YouTube.  Saint John’s Icon has an opportunity to introduce our students to find out what YouTube is and how to be a YouTuber. This event was led by a student from Saint John’s Meruya, her name is Nadine Abigail. She is an influencer on the Youtube channel. Our students were really excited about being YouTubers and some of them want to be a YouTubers to inspire people and sharing about their knowledge and abilities.


One of the community helpers that are close to our students is a doctor. 

Doctor Siska, one of our Kindergarten student’s parents, shared her experiences and routines as a doctor. Students learnt how to take care of the sick patient and recognize what tools a doctor use and also the function of each tool.


In this virtual learning, we had a special guest from NASA, Miss. Kriss Angkasa. She shared some knowledge about engineering with the NASA team. Kindergarten students were very enthusiastic. They were able to explore outer space. On this occasion, students also learnt about astronauts and the names of planets.


Early years children always love to eat sweet foods and sometimes need to be reminded to brush their teeth. From the Dentist's explanation, students learned what the consequences would be when they brush their teeth.  Students also have to regularly check their teeth to keep them clean and healthy.