Language Festival 2022

Language is the cornerstone of intercultural communication. Indonesia is a rich mixing pot of many cultures and languages, so what could be a better fit than a language festival?

Welcome to SJCS Language Fest 2022!

Pandemic, or no pandemic, we are excited to reach out to schools to promote excellence in communication, to be inspired, to establish friendships, and to allow learners to compete in three language areas.

1. English: fable storytelling (grades 1-3) and speech (grades 4-6)

2. Bahasa Indonesia: mendongeng (1-3) and berpantun (4-6)

3. Mandarin: singing (1-3) and reciting classical Chinese poetry (4-6)

• We have fantastic prizes.

• We use capable, impartial judges.

• We offer a professional seminar for parents.

Are you up to the challenge?

Register today!

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