It is with gratitude to the Lord that the building project for Saint John’s School in Gading Serpong is already started. On 23rd December 2019, Rev. Yohanes Hadi Suryono, PR and Rev. Laurens da Costa, SVD blessed the cornerstone and the project field during the groundbreaking of the new Saint John’s School in Gading Serpong. Attended by foundation’s members, teachers, staff, and leaders of the local community, the blessing of the cornerstone marked the start of Saint John’s School building development in Pagedangan, Gading Serpong.

Rev. Hadi, the pastor of St. Laurensius Parish, said, “The most important foundation of the school is the stakeholders.” So the blessing is not merely blessing the cornerstone and the development of the structural project, but also to bless all the stakeholders of the school. The stakeholders included all the foundation members, school management, teachers and staff, and of course parents and students.

Making a strong foundation of education for the youngsters is in line with the mission of Saint John’s School to educate the young generation to be able to stand for Indonesia in the global world. Ms. Susianti, the chairperson of Saint John’s Foundation, stated that Saint John’s School as a gateway to the global world always teaches the students to be able to compete in the global world, yet instilling the mindfulness to develop their homeland, Indonesia.