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Welcome to Saint John‘s Primary School, Meruya; a convenient and open school for every learner. We are very proud to welcom you to be an agent  of change.

 Our school motto is Scientia, Virtus et Vita which means Knowledge, Virtue (or value) and Life Skills and these three things are the basis of our learning and teaching process. As a Catholic school, we believe that every child is a unique individual, a gift from God, who needs a safe, attentive, and motivating environment in which to grow and mature to their full potential, emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially. For this reason our school provides various supportive measures to  our pedagogic belief in educating and guiding students to become qualified citizens both for the nation and the world. In addition we also want to promote a series of values that empower students to contribute positively to the nation and state such as Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Generosity, Harmony and Truth.

            Our school has a specificity in the learning process. By combining the Edexel Curriculum from the UK and the Indonesian National Curriculum, we provide educational services that enable students to grow into smart, innovative, creative and contextual learning people. The school has a most talented and qualified staff where we are committed to team work with our staff, students and parents so as to maximize learning and student achievement. Our responsibility is to provide a safe and challenging intellectual environment that will enable our students to be innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers, the best doctors, engineers, teachers and the world's best citizens.

     Now, after 10 years, this school has grown into Kembangan, West Jakarta’s iconic educational establishment . Various achievements at regional, national and international level have come from this inclusive approach to communication. Recently, our students have won several championships such as OSN,  Jismo, Sasmo ASMOP and finally one of our students who also graduated from our Primary School in 2017/2018 has represented Indonesia in the most prestigious international math Olympiad event in Bulgaria and successfully brought home bronze medal.

          In addition, the excellent reputation of our school is the result of hard work and ongoing collaboration between teachers and parents in managing student learning activities. We believe that fostering good partnerships between families and school is a key element in supporting the success of students in Saint John’s. Therefore, all parents are encouraged to be actively involved in the education of their children in the various school activities. Hopefully, this year will be another historic step to further convince you that the success of preparing our students' future is the main priority of our education services.

         We hope you enjoy accessing more information about our school. Personally, I am proud of our collaborative work and encourage you to take the opportunity to tour our school. I warmly welcome you and encourage you to discover first-hand what makes Saint John’s Primary School education special.

Jhonzon Bonaventura Goo

Primary Principal