It was a proud moment when Jeevalraj Aulakh, a student from Saint John’s School Meruya was announced as the chosen girl representative of Duta Air 2020 from Jabodetabek. Along with Daniel Sebastien Widjaja from SMA Kanisius Jakarta, she will be helping the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (Kementrian PUPR) to spread the consciousness of water preservation to young generation.

They were outstanding students from the 106 student participants who competed to be the Duta Air 2020. They made their presentation and speech in Bahasa Indonesia in the elimination round. The semi-final was the interview session, where they were asked by the judges either in Bahasa Indonesia or in English. For the final presentation, Jeevalraj did her presentation in English.

The Saint John’s yell team made a special chant to support Jeeval. It was such a blessing that the yell was also chosen as the favorite yell of the day.

The first scheduled event afterward was actually the celebration of the World Water Day on the 22nd March 2020. Duta Air from all of Indonesia were scheduled to meet the President of Indonesia in Kupang. One of the scheduled agenda was to teach the local Primary students how to wash their hands properly.

Unfortunately the COVID 19 pandemic made all the focus shifted to the action to reduce the spread of the virus. Yet, the most important message from the pandemic is to keep one’s self clean. It highlights the importance of clean water for the society, and at the long run also for the continuity of a nation.

While hoping that the virus pandemic to be over soon, Jeeval encourages other youngsters, “Don’t be afraid to try something new, we never know what will happen! Face the challenge!” For her, the process of being Duta Air 2020 enriched her with so many friends, and a lot of new horizons.