There was a special view in Saint John Meruya on Friday, 13th September 2019. It was a big tent in our school. It turned out to be a planetarium prepared by CIMB NIAGA. The school was really merry with a lot of activities. The planetarium and my entrepreneurship experience on the second day of the Open House are the most memorable experience for me.

To enter the planetarium for free, students needed to open a CIMB Junior account. First step is to know how to open your own bank account. We were taught about bank saving, and the process of opening an account. We have to fill in an application form, then put on a six thousand rupiahs seal stamp on the form, and make a deposit of Rp. 100.000,- In exchange, we will get an ATM card, a saving book, and a ticket to enter the planetarium.

The planetarium has two films. The first one is about the star dust, or how stars rebirth, and watching the Aurora. The second film is the experience of going into the nebula. It felt like riding a roller coaster while seeing the inside of nebula. The story of how a star explodes and forms a new star after three hundred years! I had a fun time in the planetarium, the film was so realistic and nice. I hope someday the planetarium can be smaller with touchable hologram, so when we touch an object, it gives us more information.

On the second day, I tried to sell jelly drink. It has always been a dream for me to have a jelly shop. Now, at the open house I tried to sell jelly with my mother and my grandmother. That day was a super duper hot day, hmmmppp… But, it was really a perfect day to sell a nice cold dessert. One cup of jelly drink is 10.000 IDR. One cup consists of noodle jelly, egg jelly, big jelly, small jelly and bubble jelly with ice cube and syrup. There are three types of syrup; bubble gum, lychee, and strawberry. The jelly is very healthy. It was made of sea grass, while the syrup is from sugar cane, which is natural sweet. I learnt how to earn money, and I could feel the way a vendor thinks. I want to learn more things in the future. Now, I can also be more respectful to the value of money.



Marcio P5