Ending the year 2019, Saint John’s Catholic School performed various musical events to mark the end of the year. Junior High School performed its annual Interlude, while Senior High School performed a recital “A Soul to Bargain”. This year, Primary unit also performing their Christmas Cantata, made the musical events in Saint John’s Catholic School BSD merrier than ever.

Music stimulates minds. Music is important in a child’s development. According to scientific studies, music promotes healthy brain development. Students who practice music will also show improvement in their academic achievement. They usually score better on language and social-emotional tests. They became more efficient in motor and cognitive assessments. Music helps them to develop a good emotional intelligence.

Music is a universal language that can unite people who share the same interest in the type of music that they listen. With music people can share emotions. People who listen to music can also be emotionally attached. They can also let their imagination run with the music. People who play music or sing will be able to focus and to enhance their memory. There are so many useful effect came from music. That is why, Saint John’s Catholic School always encourage its students to develop their musical talents.

Using the international standard of curriculum mixed with the national curriculum, Saint John’s School uses music to foster creativity and to build students’ self-confidence.  Once the student get his or her self-confidence, the feeling of joy in the process of academic learning is developed. With good emotional intelligence, they will be able to overcome negative feelings and to start developing a better person in themselves.