Lively Musical Night Closed SYNC 2019



Junior High School and Senior High School students of Saint John’s Catholic School had prepared the event SYNC 2019 since the start of the year 2019. The chosen theme was Ola Hou, the renewal of life.  The competitions run from August 30 to September 12, whilst the closing took the same date as the school’s Open House on September 14. Around 2000 audience came from the school’s students, teachers, and staff with their families, together with students from other school who came to enjoy the musical night performance. Saint John’s alumni were also gathered to add the crowd. The lively musical night was full of warmth aura of friendship and brotherhood.

More than 20 public and private junior and senior high schools joined the competitions. They competed on sports and also academic competitions like Math and Science, Baca Puisi, and Storytelling. More than 500 student participants joined the event.

On August 30, the Vice Mayor of Kota Tangerang Selatan, Drs. H. Benyamin Davnie opened the Ola Hou – SYNC 2019. He aimed the ball to the basket ring. Some professional players and celebrities also came, making the opening ceremony even merrier. 

For Saint Johners, especially those who are active in the Student Council Organization, this event is the chance for them to develop their soft skill and to enhance their 4C skills; Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication Skill, Collaboration. They had to solve problems aroused during the preparation of the event. They needed to manage their time and to organize their plans into actions. To cover the budget, they had to use their presentation skills to convince sponsors. They also made merchandise and sell the products. Leaders needed to solve frictions between teammates. All those skills will be very valuable for their future.

The morning of the Pensi was also the Open House Day of the school. While Kindergarten and Primary students played in their classes, some Primary and Junior High School Students were on duty to guide the guest of the school to visit around. Principals and Vice Principals, together with the Curriculum representatives were also ready to explain the questions about the school and the curriculum.