The Academic Year of  2020-2021 has started. On Tuesday, July 7, 2020, Saint John’s Catholic School held a Holy Mass for the opening of New Academic Year. This Mass was led by Rev. Faustinus Sirken, OSC. While on July 14, 2020 a holy mass in English was given to the students through online streaming served by Rev. Robert Rimin, SJ.

Applying the health protocol and keeping the distance, some teachers and staff in Kencana Loka campus attended the first Holy Mass. Both masses were served to all the campuses: Saint John’s BSD,  Meruya, and the ICON.

Pandemic Covid-19 makes all ambiance are memorable. The recent four months had demanded the rapid yet sharp adaptation through the transition.

The Holy Mass gave momentous supports for all teachers and staff to have a better beginning for this academic year, particularly in facing the coming obstacles and challenges during the pandemic Covid-19. Since finding the joy of being a teacher means that we get to change lives and help mold the students to want to always learn, so that they may one day enrich the lives of others, or themselves, no matter what the condition is.

The opening of the new academic year with a holy mass for students is an annual activity to help the students focus on their academic and development goals.