Last Tuesday, 23rd of July 2019, I went to Indosiar TV station with my schoolmates and teachers. It s located at a wide area with buildings as office and studio for recording and shooting.

In the beginning of the activities, we  went on a tour visit of the TV station which ended in the studio. We saw in one studio how they were making advertisements. Then in the other studio, they were just finished filming a religion TV show. We took pictures while touring and then head off to the studio where our own activity would take place.

We were invited to come as the audience for the show titled “Anak Indonesia Luar Biasa.” It was a live show to celebrate “Hari Anak Nasional”. Before the shooting, we were introduced to the rules of watching the show. The show was so fun. I saw many dancing, marching band, singing, barongsai, magic tricks and gifts.

It was a great chance to join that activity. Now I know more about the world of television. I am so happy to have this experience. Hopefully, next time I can have another chance to join this kind of activity again.

Writer: Karen, P5 SJS Meruya