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Senior High School

Welcome to the Senior High School Department of Saint John’s Catholic School. Considering the importance of the quality of relationships between students and teachers, the maximum number of students in every class is only 26. Now we are having around 300 students in the Senior High School Unit with 30 teachers and 2 counselors. So the ratio is 1:10, which enable students to get more attention from each teacher.

The teaching and learning process starts from 07:30 a.m. to 15:30 a.m. from Monday to Friday.  We use English as our main medium of instruction without making other languages be inferior.

Streaming starts from grade 10. We offer two streams: Science and Social Studies. We are using the Indonesian curriculum (KTSP) enriched by competencies from Edexcel International Examination. For the English language, we are focusing on using the international standard. All of our teachers have standardized English proficiency.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to take the National Examination when they are in grade 12. For some screened students we also provide E-Smart Centre, a tutor after school hour to enable grade 10 students to take the international standard exam (IGCSE/ the International General Certificate of Secondary Education), grade 11 and grade 12 students to pursue As Level or A level International Examination. We also give assistance to our students to choose their careers by providing a psychological test, career orientation, and education fair. All of our graduates are accepted in good prestigious universities in Indonesia and abroad. Some of them even got the scholarship for their continuation of the study.

We tried our best to build a conducive atmosphere by creating a nice learning environment. We have young, energetic and enthusiastic teachers who facilitate our students in consultation of both the academic and personal concerns. We tried to make our students feel at home so they can build the good motivation to study for the betterment of their personal growth.

Our syllabus is covered by a values framework that we called as R3IGHT. The values namely Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Generosity, Harmony, and Truth. We focus on developing the moral, social and emotional well-being of our students and nurturing them into good citizens. It aims to help them acquire and live by the values that guide them to make good choices and to develop positive behavior and attitudes towards themselves, their family, community, nation and the world.

We emphasize on student activities which bring students to the development of their character and knowledge. We have our daily morning reflection (brain gym, meditation, etc.), weekly chapel activities (holy mass, Taize, career orientation, bible study, students seminar & training), the Outreach program (one day of social work in the orphanage/elderly house/special needs schools), live-in program, recollection, leadership training, and disciplinary training. As a Catholic school, we are basically providing the Catholic atmosphere in our activities, yet encouraging our students to develop the understanding of religious tolerance.

We realized that in providing a good cooperation we need to build a synergy, not only with parents and students but also with the third party. To increase our education quality, we cooperate with Goethe Institut Jakarta through PASCH. The cooperation programs give us many benefits for teachers, students and for the improvement and development of the entire school.

In short, we would like to say that we provide a holistic education. We put our focus not only in academics, but we are facilitating our students to have life skills, critical thinking, independence, self-confidence, and to live in values which is in line with our motto; Scientia (science), Virtus (virtue), and Vita (Life).

Thank you very much and God Bless You.

Catur Santosa