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Primary Curriculum

Primary Curriculum

In keeping with the school’s mission, Saint John’s Primary School adopts the Indonesian National Curriculum 2013 which is elaborated to develop and nurture individuals who are: committed to  excellence, competence and confidence; respecting the Catholic values, compassionate and cares for the poor; effective communicators in English, Bahasa Indonesia, or other languages; critical thinkers, creative and innovative, as well as concerned leaders and proud citizens.

Of this importance, Saint John’s Primary School applies the English immersion, integrated thematic approach, students centered learning, as well as inquiry learning in its instructions, to create an active, creative, effective and fun environment.

Saint John’s Primary School’s program: 


This subject is meant to develop the students into a person who has faith and committed to God the Almighty, to behave graciously in loving others as learned from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Noble behavior includes ethics, manners, or morals as manifestation of religious education. 



Civic and Moral Education (CME) aims to develop the awareness and the knowledge of the students to their status, right, and responsibilities as a part of the society, the nation, and the state, and to improve their quality as human beings. There are six main values to develop through CME: respect, responsible, integrity, care, resiliance and harmony.



To develop the ability and skills in oral and written communication: listening; speaking; reading; writing.  There are three languages given; English, Indonesian, and Mandarin, to be taught effectively through the sub-conscious learning method that appeal to students. 



Students learn the basic mathematics, i.e. numbers operation, geometry, measurement, algebra and statistics  as the foundation of logical and analytical thinking to be able to solve problems. Learning activities are made in the form of realistic Math.



Students are trained to recognize, to respond, and to appreciate science. It helps the growth of the thinking habit, critical scientific conducts, being creative and independent.  Therefore, the teaching and learning activities are given through an inquiry-based learning, by doing the observation and exploration such as field trips, and experiments using the steps of scientific methods.



Through the music, art and craft exploration time, students are given the opportunities to understand the concept and the importance of music and visual art, nurture their creativity, develop their fine motor skills, as well as to show their appreciation toward the musical and visual works. Thus, they can  hold knowledge in  music and visual art, express their themselves through it, and give contribution to  music, visual art and craft in local scoop as well as regionally and globally.



Physical and Health education is intended to improve the students’ physical potential, instill sportsmanship and healthy living awareness through individual or group sports/ games/ other physical activities, and healthy living program including personal hygine and sanitary, personal safety, and healthy habits.



Information and Computer Technology (ICT) will be utilized in supplying the needs of teaching and studying activities and the need to have an updated methods; to instill inquisitive, creative and innovative characters who are responsible and wise in applying the information and computer technology in their lives.