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Welcme to the Primary Unit of Saint John’s Catholic School. We provide a learning environment for children to freely explore, express their insights, ideas and opinions confidently in English as the media of communication through presentations, projects and events.

Our curriculum is specially designed to prepare students to take the National Examination when they are in Grade Six, while giving them the chance to take the EDEXCEL tests for their international certificates.

Our syllabus is covered by a values framework that we called as R3IGHT. The values, namely Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Generosity, Harmony, and Truth, are emphasized in addition to the students’ desire to learn and they are given molded in the Christian values. Our students are encouraged to develop their talents and be brave to work hard to develop their talents.

We are a family, where teachers come with eagerness to meet their students, to share their knowledge, and to learn about what they need to develop. Our motto is to work with love, to cooperate with colleagues and to trust in God. It has indeed been the foundation of doing our vision and mission.

We believe that our Faculty Members and parents should go hand in hand, to develop the best out of our children. Family values and family supports are the most important factor of a child's success. We hope that our students will be able to develop themselves in the academic aspect, and in developing the values and life skills.

Sr. Rosa B. Sarmento, FdCC, S.Pd.