Pre-K and KG Curriculum

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs aim to support all aspects of child development – psychomotor, cognitive, socio-affective and linguistic. It also aims to provide an ideal condition for the children’s acquisition of knowledge, develop their individual personality and prepare them to further learning.



Thematic approach.

Guided reading, theme discussion, shared reading, reading exploration, vocabularies, enrichment through story telling.





Bercerita dan mendengarkan cerita.

Memprediksi sebuah cerita dan mengeksplorasi buku. Huruf dan bunyi, suku kata, kata terbuka dan kata tertutup.






To learn other language besides Bahasa dan English through rhyming, story telling, singing, also learning simple Chinese characters.





We believe that each child is a handmade of God – a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and motivating environment in which to grow and mature in his fullest potential; emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.

Emphasize to 5 basic strands:
–     Numbers
–     Measurement
–     Shapes
–     Pattern
–     Data Handling

Student will learn through hands-on and exploration.





Christian/Catholic value which is very important as a human being foundation.







Morality foundation for child’s future. The earlier is the best.






To stimulate creativity through explorating/creating artworks and projects.




To stimulate sensibility and sense of music as well as brain.




To strengthen gross motor skills.




Children practice fine motor, class rules, patience and consistency in working.