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Nursery, Pre-K & KG

   Welcome to the Pre-Kindergarten and the Kindergarten of Saint John’s Catholic School. Our classes start at 07.30 – 10.15 for Pre-K, 07.30 – 11.05 for K1 and 07.30 – 11.15 for K2.                          

During the school hours, the children will join our joyful learning through learning practice. We are introducing them to the basic value of humanity and through the values of Christianity.We hope the children are able to demonstrate curiosity and the ability to focus their attention. We believe that playing is the essential medium for a young child’s learning.

We aim to provide a safe, comfortable environment which enables the children to develop their social, intellectual, creative and emotional skills. We want the children to be confident, caring, well-adjusted people who are motivated to learn, and hope to encourage them to reach their full, individual potential. We also encourage the children to be able to converse in English confidently and successfully by the time they leave the school. Our programs are based on playing and interactive learning.

We believe that through playing,with teachers as their facilitators,in an encouraging and supportive environment each child will develop self confidence and an ability to make decisions. We cover all areas of the curriculum- Christian value, language; English, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin, Mathematics, Music, Science, Art and Craft, Moral Education-Religion and Physical Education.We aim to challenge children, encouraging them to be active learners and thinkers, full of curiosity about their world.

Ruth Fitavera