In keeping with the school’s mission, Saint John’s Junior High School adopts the Indonesian National Curriculum 2013 which is elaborated to develop and nurture individuals who are: committed to excellence, competent and confident; respecting the Catholic values, compassionate and cares for the poor; effective communicators in English, Bahasa Indonesia, or other languages; critical thinkers, creative and innovative, as well as concerned leaders and proud citizens.

Of this importance, Saint John’s Senior High School applies the English immersion, integrated thematic approach, students centered learning, as well as inquiry learning in its instructions, to create an active, creative, effective and fun environment.

Saint John’s Senior High School’s program:



God speaks through human’s daily experience. Religion subject aimed as a guide to find the values of life and God’s word through human’s daily experiences.

In the Senior High School level, Religion is also helping students to understand and to be able to practice the values of life in their daily lives when they go to a higher level of education, or even into the real world.



CME aims to develop the awareness and the knowledge of the students to their status, right, and responsibilities as a part of the society, the nation, and the state, and to improve their quality as human beings. There are six main values to develop through CME: respect, responsibility, integrity, care, resiliency, and harmony.

For the Senior Heigh School students, the focus is also aiming on guiding them to make appropriate choices and determine their behavior and attitudes towards themselves, others, and their community and the environment.



Being the mother tongue of most of our students, Bahasa Indonesia is given to enhance their knowledge and skills in reading, writing, or expressing themselves. 

The focus on the Senior High School level is to be able to use the language appropriately and contextually right. Students are also expected to be able to recognize the moral of the story and relate it to the values that we use in our daily lives.



The students are guided not only in shaping their body, but also to improve their talents, mentality, and skills, without excluding their creativity.



Art and Music in the Senior High School level aim to improve the students' ability to appreciate art and music, and most importantly to recognize their own talents and be able to develop it.



The major goal of this subject is to learn English through vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, guided reading, reading and writing portfolio, and also through the English enrichment.

As the students are going to a higher level of education, the school assists them more to the ability of composing academic writing, conducting researches, and holding subject field trips. These activities would help students facing the real world.



In general, mathematics is taught to develop students’ logical and analytical thinking through algebra, geometry, statistics, and basic calculus. Specifically, we aim to develop their analytical and logical thinking, and the application of Math in the daily life and its relation to other subjects.



Social studies are given for all the tenth graders, but after the division of the science and social streaming only History remain for all students. Geography, Economics and Accounting will be given for those who take the social stream.


Economics/Accountingas a subject is focusing the students to have a holistic understanding of actual economic problems through mass media, and to make them eager to find the best solution for themselves.

They are learning microeconomics, macroeconomics, and the introduction to business management. Hopefully they are going to extend their knowledge to their surroundings and society based on the values of honesty, resilience, hardworking, responsibility covered by the spirit of entrepreneurship. 


History is bringing the students ventured into the World History and the Indonesian History. This lesson is intended as a reflection for students to appreciate history and to learn from it.


Through Geography the students are brought into the concept of geography, the solar system and the universe. They are also learning more into practical knowledge of map and mapping, remote sensing and GIS, relation and interaction between urban and rural, developed and developing regions or countries.


Sociology is concerned with all phenomena, while the phenomenon is a great inspiration for development. This subject is to help students to understand the importance of social development so they will be able to balance their personal development with social emphaty and attention to the social development.




Through Physics subject, the students learn about how to connect Physics with all things and to be expert in calculation and to be able to do experiment related to Physics in advanced level.


Biology expose students to the knowledge of the Biodiversity, microbiology, anatomy, structure of plant and animal, human body in advance, metabolism, heredity and biotechnology. The students are expected to deepened their knowledge in Biology and to search for their interest and talent as the foundation in choosing their future study.


Chemistry is directing students to study composition, structure, properties of matter, as well as the changes it undergoes and the energy accompanying the process.

In supporting the Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, the school is providing special periods for studying in the laboratory. Students learn to understand the laws explaining how the natural world around works. Students also carry on experiments to be better apprehend the scientific method and find their own conclusions from observations and analysis of natural processes.



Information Communication Technology (ICT) is given in order to develop the students’ skills in performing their work through Basic Java Computer Programming Language with its discussions emphasized on logical flow, real life or real industry analogy hence to practical laboratory activities, problem solving, and coding modifications/developments (current technology of Android based on Java Computer Programming Language).

In this level, students are expected to meet the basic knowledge as the foundation for a higher level of study if they are interested in taking ICT as their future subject, or to help famialirize themselves with the function of ICT related to other subjects.



Foreign Languages are given to enrich students with a third language to be able to communicate to a wider community. The choices are either German or Mandarin language.


Mandarin in the average is giving the advance level of introduction, greetings, sharing about family members and personal identities, explain hobbies, economic activities, direction, and explore more into the Chinese culture.


German Lesson could be the introduction for the language (for new students) or the continuation of their level in Junior High School. The average target is the B1 certificate. It also aims to introduce German culture to help students in settling up if they go for a further study in German.

B1: Students can understand  the main points when clear, standard language is used and the focus is on familiar topics associated with work, school, leisure, time, etc. Students can deal with most situations typically encountered when travelling in the language of the region. Student can report on experiences and events, describe dreams, hopes and goals, explain their views and plans.