May 8 – Tuesday

Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter

Reading: JN 16:5-11

I will send the Counselor to you




Saying goodbye is always hard. And if you are someone who is easily attached to people, it’s harder. There are some who hate saying goodbye. Jesus in the Gospel today is aware of what His farewell will mean to His disciples. They will grieve.


Grief is a natural human reaction to parting. When there is a certain level of intimacy, support and strength it becomes almost impossible to part with the loved one.

Dealing with grief can be a process. Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross says there are five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Her studies on death and dying have inspired her to conclude that grief is a process we have to deal with. Grief can refer to any “loss experience” — death of a loved one, separation, loss of a job, illness, or anything that causes a sense of loss. Once we are able to identify these stages based on what we are going through, grief becomes a little easier to deal with and not so overwhelming.

The disciples must have experienced these stages, too. Their Master, the One whom they loved, was going to die. They were at a loss as to what would happen to them. That is why Jesus emphasizes the role of the Advocate: He will be with them always.

And, as Jesus promised, the silent presence of the Advocate remains among us, today and for always.

 Fr. Brian Steele, MGL



Lord, You keep us safe and defend us. Come to us in the hour of need. May Your Holy Spirit comfort us.  Amen