edexcel picSince 2015 Saint John’s Catholic School (SJCS) is entitled to use the name SPK or Satuan Pendidikan Kerjasama. It is in line with the Peraturan Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan (Permendikbud) no. 31 tahun 2014 which differentiate the international school from a school with international cooperation. The term international school is now exclusively addressed to the school which is only provided for the children of the Foreign Diplomatic Corps.

Schools with international cooperation under the label of SPK should provide three main subjects: Civics, Bahasa Indonesia, and Religion. The students should also join the National Examination (Ujian Negara). Both institutions, the Indonesian school and the Foreign Educational Institution, should have an A accreditation.

Saint John’s Catholic School collaborates with Edexcel International to help SJCS students studying both the national and international curriculum. The curriculum team from SJCS is working on establishing Saint John’s curriculum that collaborates the national and international curriculum as a platform for the students’ ability to study abroad.

Saint John's aims to develop the best out of its students, and to prepare them to be ready for the international market. Aside from the collaboration with Edexcel International, Saint John's Catholic School is also a part of PASCH, Schools: Partners for the Future. Through a cooperation with Goethe Institut, students from PASCH schools are able to learn German language earlier, and be prepared to continue their study in Germany.

Saint John's Catholic School was started as a national plus school. Respecting the new regulation from the Minister of Education, SJCS was applying for the SPK status. Being granted with the SPK status, SJCS will continue serving parents who prepare their children's path into the globalized world.