After enjoying a long holiday, it is time to come back to school. Hopefully, students are ready to come back to their daily school routine. Teachers already came back earlier and are ready to start the new adventure to the new academic year 2018 – 2019.

New High School students started their school orientation on July 12, 2018. They were met by their seniors from the Student Councils. School orientation is a way to start a brotherhood path between new students and other Saintjohners.

ICON campus started earlier with their July 13 Parents Orientation Day, while Nursery, Pre-K, KG, and Primary Unit in Kencana Loka have their POD on July 14. Parents Orientation Day for Junior High School and Senior High School will be on July 21, next week.

Miss Ruth Fitavera as the Principal for Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten explained the rules and regulation that parents should know, most importantly about the pick-up card procedures.

On the other hand, while presenting the Primary teachers to parents, Sr. Rosa, Principal of the Primary Unit expressed her gratitude for all the cooperation during the last academic year. Of course, teachers will continue to work hard to develop their students’ academic achievements and to improve their characters.

Parents’ cooperation with teachers will certainly help our students to excel in developing their capacity as students and working their path into a better person.