July 24 – Wednesday
Wednesday of the Sixteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Gospel Reading MT 13:1-9

Many biblical commentators see this parable as the basic metaphor of the whole Gospel. The seed is the Word, and the sower is God, whose will can never be stopped. The seed falls on different types of ground, but the great majority certainly falls on good ground, and its fruit more than makes up for the seeds that fall on more difficult ground. It is the parable of optimism, something which is often lacking in followers of the Gospel.
If we are normal persons, our hearts contain all four sorts of ground, being more or less open to the Gospel message. We ask for the light to see where the hardness and the insecurity lie, and ask the Sower that our lives may bear abundant fruit.

Prayer: (all together)
Lord Jesus, let our lives bear abundant fruits. Make us prosper so we can bless others. Amen