June 19 – Wednesday

Wednesday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time

Gospel Reading: MT 6:1-6, 16-18





The Jews considered these three namely: prayer, fasting and alsmsgiving as the cardinal works of the religious life. These were seen as the key signs of a pious person, the three great pillars on which the good life was based. Jesus pointed to the heart of the matter. Why do you pray, fast, and give alms? To draw attention to yourself so that others may notice and think highly of you? Or to give glory to God?

The Lord warns his disciples of self-seeking glory – the preoccupation with looking good and seeking praise from others. True piety is something more than feeling good or looking holy. True piety is loving devotion to God. It is an attitude of awe, reverence, worship and obedience. It is a gift and working of the Holy Spirit that enables us to devote our lives to God with a holy desire to please him in all things.


Prayer: (all together)

Lord Jesus, help me to understand what is true piety. Help me to pray, to fast and to give alms not to draw attention for myself but to give you glory. Amen