January 9 – Wednesday

Wednesday after Epiphany


Gospel: MK 6:45-52



This is a story about peace of soul. At the end of a long day beset by crowds, Jesus does not sleep, but climbs a mountain to pray on his own. That bond with his father was the source of his strength.

Jesus’ life was intensely active, yet he always nurtured his communication with God in silence and solitude. He needed to visit this wellspring to nourish his being.


It is also a story about panic. With the waves breaking over the boat, the disciples cannot believe that the Lord has seen them, and is approaching.


We need to stay connected with the true source of our well being.


As we gaze on the Child in these final four days of the Christmas Season, Pope Francis concluded, let us renew our faith in Jesus Christ, who is true God and true Man.


Prayer: (all together)

Dear Jesus, we ask for the grace to be granted this concreteness of Christian love so that we might always abide in love and that he might abide in us. Amen