May 17 – Thursday

Thursday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Reading: JN 17:20-26





After Jesus has prayed for the holiness of His disciples in this lengthy prayer for unity, He prays for those who will benefit from the work of the disciples — us! The bishops are the successors of the Apostles and the priests are the helpers of the bishops to bring about the Good News. Since bishops cannot be in every parish and in every part of the world, priests are ordained to serve and cooperate with the work of the bishops. Jesus prays for unity — that there will be united workers, hand in hand with the Head of the Church, Jesus Himself.

Just as the Father and Jesus are one, so too does Jesus pray that His followers will be one. Having been given the Holy Spirit, we know that we are one with the Father and the Son.


Intercessory prayer is a gift that Jesus gives to His Church. In the Gospel today, Jesus is interceding for us, His beloved, before the Father. We should pray for one another. The Lord wants us to pray for others.

Jesus desires that we all be with Him in heaven. What better way to accomplish that than through the power of intercessory prayer. –  – Fr. Brian Steele, MGL



Lord, fill us with Your love and grant us the grace to intercede for the Church, others and ourselves. Amen.