June 6 – Wednesday

Wednesday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

Reading 1: 2 TM 1:1-3, 6-12

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 123

To you, O Lord, I lift up my eyes.

Gospel: MK 12:18-27

When they rise from the dead,

they neither marry nor are given in marriage,

but they are like the angels in heaven.




Marriage does not come to a complete end at death as also the ties between parents and children or between friends will not be forgotten. “Life is transformed, not taken away.” Even marriage, which is part of life, will be transfigured, not nullified.

But what about those who have had a negative experience of earthly marriage, an experience of misunderstanding and suffering? The love that united them, perhaps for only a brief time, remains; but defects, misunderstandings, suffering that they inflicted on each other, will fall away.


What about those widowers and widows who have remarried? In heaven there will not be rivalry in love or jealousy.

Death has no power over what God has joined together.


True marriage never ends

Swedenborg writes:

For people who are happily married to their true spiritual partner here on earth, after death their relationship picks up right where it left off, and continues on to eternity.

When they meet again, reunite, and love each other even more tenderly than before because they are in the spiritual world. Our dead loved ones are still living together with us in spirit.

And when it comes your time to move from this world to the next, you will rejoin your beloved soulmate. Then, as the classic fairy tales all say, the two of you will live happily ever after.


Prayer: all together

Lord in your mercy, we offer to you our soulmates. Reunite us in your kingdom together with all your saints and angels in heaven. Amen.