August 8 – Wednesday

Memorial of Saint Dominic, Priest

Reading 1 – Jer 31: 1-7

Responsorial Psalm Jeremiah 31: 10-13

The Lord will guard us as a shepherd guards his flock

Gospel – Mt. 15: 21-28

 At that time Jesus withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon

What did Jesus mean by the expression "throwing bread to the dogs"? The Jews often spoke of the Gentiles with arrogance and insolence as "unclean dogs" since the Gentiles did not follow God's law and were excluded from God's covenant and favor with the people of Israel. For the Greeks the "dog" was a symbol of dishonor and was used to describe a shameless and audacious woman.

Jesus tests this woman's faith to see if she is earnest in receiving holy things from the hand of a holy God.

She began with a request and she ended on her knees in worshipful prayer to the living God.


Prayer (all together)

Lord Jesus, your love and mercy knows no bounds, have mercy on us and deliver us from all harm. Amen.