March 14 – Thursday

Thursday of the First Week in Lent


Old Testament Reading: Esther 14:1-5,12-14 [C:12,14-16,23-25] (Deutero-canonical portion)

And Esther the queen, seized with deadly anxiety, fled to the Lord.

Gospel: MT 7:7-12 – Ask and you will receive from your Father in heaven



Jesus wanted to raise the expectations of his disciples when he taught them how to pray. Jesus' parable of the father feeding his son illustrates the unthinkable! How could a loving father refuse to give his son what is good; or worse, to give him what is harmful? In conclusion Jesus makes a startling claim: How much more will the heavenly Father give what is good to those who ask!


Our heavenly Father graciously gives beyond our expectations. Jesus taught his disciples to pray with confidence because the heavenly Father in his goodness always answers prayers. That is why we can boldly pray: Give us this day our daily bread.



Prayer: (all together)

Dear God, give us today our daily bread, Increase our faith in you that whatever we need, you are always around to provide for our needs. Amen