June 20 – Thursday

Thursday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary Time


Gospel Reading: MT 6:7-15



God's word has power to penetrate our dry barren hearts and make them springs of new life. If we let God's word take root in our heart it will transform us into the likeness of God himself and empower us to walk in his way of love and holiness.

God wants his word to guide and shape the way we think, act, and pray.

Ambrose (339-397 AD), an early church father and bishop of Milan, wrote that the reason we should devote time for reading Scripture is to hear Christ speak to us. "Are you not occupied with Christ? Why do you not talk with him? By reading the Scriptures, we listen to Christ."


Prayer: (all together)

Father in heaven, help me to find the time to read  “YOUR WORD”. Help me to listen to you as you speak to me in the Scriptures.  Amen