November 6 – Tuesday

Tuesday of the Thirty-first Week in Ordinary Time

Gospel: LK 14:15-24



What does it mean to "eat bread in the kingdom of heaven?

The shared table is often present in the Gospel, one of the preferred images of the Kingdom itself. God, the King, prepares a big banquet with great care. All are invited to this celebration where they can enjoy the King’s generosity. This is the Good News proclaimed by Jesus, and this is shown by his closeness to sinners and to all those in need, and whose table he often shared. At the end of his life, he left us the Eucharistic meal, as his own memorial.

Yet many did not accept the invitation, even those who had been invited in advance. Many, even ourselves, find it difficult to accept the invitation to believe that God is so generous, we prefer not to get too close. The excuses are honourable ones, yet there is an urgency to God’s call: the Kingdom is here and we cannot postpone our response any longer.


Prayer: (all together)

Lord Jesus, I ask for the grace of a generous and trusting heart that I offer no more excuses to postpone in accepting God’s invitation. Amen