August 6 – Monday

Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord

Reading 1 – Dn 7:9-14

Responsorial Psalm – Psalm 97

The Lord is king, the Most High over all the earth

2nd Reading – 2 Pt 1: 16-19

Gospel – Mk 9: 2-10

Jesus took Peter, James, and his brother John


Jesus' face became radiant like the sun and his clothing became dazzling white (Matthew 17: 2 and Luke 9:29).

This vision of radiant light and glory is prefigured in the prophecy of Daniel. In chapter 7 of the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament we see a vision of the "Son of Man who came with the clouds of heaven" and was presented before the royal court of heaven and the "Ancient of Days" who is clothed in a radiant garment "white as snow" (Daniel 7:9,13). The prophet Daniel foretold that God would send his Anointed One, the Son of Man who would come on the clouds of heaven to bring God's reign of glory and righteousness on the earth (see Daniel 7:13-15). Daniel's vision describes a royal investiture of a human king before God's throne. The Son of Man is a Messianic title for God's anointed King, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The New Testament word for "Messiah" is "Christ" which literally means the "Anointed One" or the "Anointed King". God sent us his Son not to establish an earthly kingdom but to bring us into his heavenly kingdom – a kingdom ruled by truth, justice, peace, and holiness. The kingdom of God is the central theme of Jesus' mission. It's the core of his Gospel message.



Lord Jesus, keep us always alert to you, to your word, your action, and your constant presence in our lives. Amen