The Education Expo in Istora Senayan, a part of the celebration of Majelis Pendidikan Katolik’s 40th anniversary, was a place to know other Catholic institutions and to exchange knowledge and friendship. Saint John's Catholic School (SJCS) also joined this event and presented the school to a bigger crowd in Jakarta.

In the opening ceremony, on August 25, 2015, a showcase of students' skills delivered by the students of Catholic Schools, members of MPK. This two-day exhibition, lasted from August 25 to August 26, 2015, also provided competitions for students. Kindergarten and Primary students joined the Coloring Competition, while High School students showed their skills in Modern Dance Competition.

Talitha Koum! Little girl, I say to you, get up! The chosen theme of the anniversary’s celebration is giving the suggestion to Catholic Schools and Institutions to stand up and be active in developing the young generation.

There will be a global convention in Rome on November 2015, and it will be basically discussing about “Educating Today and Tomorrow: A Renewing Passion”. In the Vatican’s website we can read the current and future challenges for Catholic Schools.

Catholic Education in Indonesia has planted its seeds and is already having its fruits. Yet, the challenges and the needs for the current and the future generations are also developing.

In its website, Vatican has emphasized the need to ensure the existence of quality hallmarks of Catholic schools which are:

  1. Respect for individual dignity and uniqueness (hence the rejection of mass education and teaching, which make human beings easier to manipulate by reducing them to a number)
  2. A wealth of opportunities that are offered to young people for them to grow and develop their abilities and talents
  3. A balanced focus on cognitive, affective, social, professional, ethical and spiritual aspects;
  4. Encouragement for every pupil to develop their talents, in a climate of cooperation and solidarity
  5. The promotion of research as a rigorous commitment towards truth, being aware that human knowledge has its limits, but also with a great openness of mind and heart;
  6. Respect of ideas, openness to dialogue, the ability to interact and work together in a spirit of freedom and care.

There is a need to get up and to work hard to reach these quality hallmarks in our schools. God bless!