May 11 – Friday

Friday of the Sixth Week of Easter

Reading: JN 16:20-23

Your sorrow will turn into joy




Joy is a characteristic disposition of the Easter days we are celebrating in the Church. The joy of the Risen Lord is our strength. As Job says, if we take happiness from the Lord, we must take sorrow, too. Joy is the fruit of suffering. Jesus gives us a beautiful analogy today as He refers to the joy of His resurrection, like that of a mother giving birth to her child. All the pain and labor is seemingly insignificant to the birth of a child.

Jesus says our hearts are full of joy. Isn’t this the attitude of Mary Magdalene, Mary, Thomas and the Apostles as they see Him again, risen from the dead? Our heads should be raised high these days and never lacking in confidence. We are an Easter people, a people born of Christ’s side. God has taken away our sins through Jesus’ dying and rising. This is the essence of our baptism and victory. With Jesus, we die and rise again.

Joy is not only a disposition, or a fruit of the Spirit. It involves choice. The resurrection is foundational in our faith. There is hope beyond hopelessness in desperate situations. There is strength for those who are weak. There is peace where there has been angst. There is order where there has been chaos. This is the Resurrection of the Lord.

We will see how the Spirit has been guiding our lives. Today, let our hearts rejoice in the Lord. He is risen, He is truly risen!

Fr. Brian Steele, MGL


Prayer: all together

May our hearts rejoice in You, Lord. Let our souls find joy and delight in You, our Father. Give us the joy of the resurrection. Amen.