November 1 – Thursday

Solemnity of All Saints

Gospel: MT 5:1-12A



Today is – All saints day


Today's feast includes all saints who were never canonized, mothers and fathers who remained faithful to each other and their families, single women and men who seemed silent, those who found God in their joys and pains.

Pope Francis has said before, “Every state of life leads to holiness, always!

At home, on the streets, at work, at church, at school and anywhere – a door is opened on the road to sainthood. Do not be discouraged to travel this road. God gives you the grace to do so.

And this is all that the Lord asks, is that we are in communion with Him and serve others.”


Are you a parent? Are you a student?

Are you a teacher? Unemployed? Retired?

Are you a secretary?

Are you an engineer? An accountant? A designer? A chef? A gojek driver? A janitor?


Where you work you can become a saint. God gives you the grace to become a saint. God communicates with you. Always and everywhere you can become a saint, that is, by being receptive to the grace that is working in us that leads us to holiness.


Prayer: (all together)

Dear Jesus,

Give us the grace to become a saint in our circumtances of life and to be a beacon of God’s love to humanity. Amen.