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While approaching the new academic year, we remember proudly our High School's alumni who gained their seats in the universities. We hope that they have built their good foundation during their school days in Saint John's Catholic School. We pray for their successful future. As stated in our school vision to provide a strong basic education based on the three-fold ideal Scientia, Virtus, et Vita (Knowledge, Virtues, and Life), we do hope that Saint John's Catholic School provided not only knowledge but also values and life skills.

New students are coming. Together with other students, they will need the attention and help from the Faculty Members to help them develop themselves. Pre-K and KG students need to grow up, to be independent, and to be ready to enter the learning process in the Primary School. Primary students should be able to explore into the knowledge without loosing their interest to learn more and to develop their logical but creative thinking. The last, but not least, the High School students who are entering their teenage period and developing themselves to be ready to enter the world of adulthood.

It is not only to learn and fill themselves with knowledge, but also to develop empathy and other good values as a human being. It is a process that we are learning together. To be a better human being.

Nowadays the global competition in the world is becoming tighter. Saint John's Catholic School had envision that, so the school put their attention not only on local curriculum, but also to the international curriculum. All those preparation were made to prepare the students to prepare a good foundation for their future.