"Horray…! It’s awesome…!" The students were excitedly yelling out their happiness as Ms. Alvina Gunardi, the High School Principal, announced the chance to watch the film “Nada untuk Asa” in the XXI cinema at Plaza BSD.

Ms. Alvina who had seen the premiere of this film, a maiden production of Komsos KAJ, felt that the film is worth watching. All the Senior High School students from both campuses; BSD and Meruya, went to enjoy the film on the school’s treat.

“This film is really full of human values,“ said Ms. Alvina. Saint John’s Schools occupied two studios. The film, in two interesting hours, touches the hearts of the audience. It is a real tearjerker!

Seeing Nada, Bobby’s widow, and her three small children in Bobby’s funeral was the start of the audience’s sympathy.  It became a stirred of sad feeling as the doctor revealed the reason of Bobby’s death was the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Moreover, he infected his wife…and tragically, also gave the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection to his infant daughter, Asa.

Alas, Nada’s father (acted by Mathias Muchus) could not accept the tragic truth that his daughter brought home. He was not even accepting his own daughter who came to wish him a happy birthday.

Bobby’s family is really helping Nada, and understand her emotional imbalance. Yet, they were also blaming her for being stubborn to accept the reality and to get medical help.

Years gone by… Asa became a pretty girl. Yet, her tears seemed to be unending. She got fired when her boss found out that she was born with HIV. Her boss would not risk his other workers’ health.

Starting her new business, a home-made bakery, was her new hope. The start was nicely put, but later orders were canceled because people feared that they can be infected by HIV too.

Lucky for Asa, she met a man named Wisnu (acted by Darius). Wisnu’s warm attention and care filled Asa’s days. Later on, she fell head over heels for him. He knew her condition, and he was willing to take the risk to make her the love of his life.

People are usually afraid to be near a person with HIV positive. Even Nada’s own sister did not want her to come to the family’s house because she was afraid of the possibility to be infected by the same virus.

The struggle of Nada and Asa to survive the stigma, and the warmth love given to them by their positive minded friends are the values shared by this film. Their toughness in fighting for their existence is really inspiring.

Wisnu showed how he implemented the teaching of true love. A love that is without boundary. A true love that is not seeking for rewards, which empower him to love unconditionally, without counting the risk that he might encounter.

Students and teachers learned how to love each other. We should not avoid someone in whatever condition. We are all fellow brothers and sisters, who also long for real friends. Real friends who always has positive thinking and sharing positive values of true love.