Saint John’s students are studying foreign languages like English, German, and Mandarin. Their ability to use the language is their key into the global work force. Yet, they should always remember their own culture and be proud of Indonesian heritage. Thanks to the Event Organizer of Pekan Raya Indonesia, Saint John’s students were able to show their love and appreciation towards their own culture on the Nusantara Stage at ICE, BSD.

The Senior High School students opened the performance with Indonesian songs on kulintang. Then they also showed that kulintang can be used in performing modern song.

Then, the Primary students showed their appreciation to Indonesian songs with their ensemble performance. Kulintang, angklung, keyboard, pianica, and violin delivered amazing compositions of traditional songs.

Balinese dancers from the Primary unit were enriching the event with their glittering costumes and beautiful movements.

A Senior High School student continued the performance by airing the song “Indonesia Pusaka” using his saxophone. It brought a sense of pride which filled the environment with the spirit of nationality.

The performance ended with a lively Momere dance performed by a Primary student. The ability to play musical instrument or to dance traditional dances or dancing using traditional music is actually an asset for the students in developing their passion and skills. On the other hand, it is also a part of developing one’s love toward his/her country, and to be a proud citizen who can also promote his/her country wherever he or she goes.