earth dayCelebrating the Earth Day for Pre-K and KG students is their foundation to start developing their attention to Mother Earth. On April 22, 2016, together with their teachers, Pre-K and KG students celebrate the Earth Day with various activities. These students filled their school day by making self-made tote bag, and enjoyed the story of friendship told by storytellers.

Prior to the Earth Day celebration, the students had their planting project. Each student has their own plant in a small pot. Their responsibility is to water the plant daily. On the celebration day, Pre-K teachers helped their students to make their recycled T-shirt tote bags. The students made their own drawing or coloring before they turned their old T-shirts into new tote bags. Later on that day, they bring their pot of plant home using their new tote bags.Tote bag on earth day

Story of friendship, shared by Kak Danang and Kak Samsul, reminded the students about the importance of having a friend, and being friendly. Being friendly is not only towards friends or other human being, but also to the animal and to the environment. The story shared the idea that littering is not a good habit. It can harm the life of other creature. The students enjoy the activities on the Earth Day. Hopefully, they will remember to engage in preserving the environment.