police 3Saint John’s Pre-K and Kindergarten Unit visited Polsek Serpong in three consecutive days, 27th – 29th January 2016. In his welcoming speech, Mr. Silvester Simamora, the Chief of the Sub-district Command in Serpong said, “I want you to remember that we, policemen, are your friends. We are always ready to help you.”

On January 29, the students of Kindergarten-two were asked about the Traffic Signs. They were also given the chance to ride on the police car. It was such an awesome trip for those curious kids. While some classes went on a ride with the sirens on, some others ventured into the office of Polsek Serpong.police 2

The students learned that they may come to the police officer to ask for help, but they also learned that breaking the law has its consequences. When they passed through the front bars of the jail at the back of that police station, they were impressed to see the bars that prevented people from meeting the inmates.

“Who wants to be a policeman?” asked Mr. Harimas, one of the Police Officer who guided the students. Some students raised their hands. It is still a long way to go before they will go after their aspiring vocations, but they had a chance to see the glimpse of a day in the Police Office. It was an inspiring community helper day, thank you Polsek Serpong!