Would you like to be a child forever? Peter Pan is the boy who would not grow up. He prefers to stay young and playful. Peter Pan was brought alive on stage by students from Saint John’s School Meruya on Friday, 8th December 2017. A play based on the story written by J.M. Barrie in 1911, the story of Peter Pan with his friends, the fairy Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys who met Wendy and her brothers, reminded the audience of a boy who lives in his dreams. He doesn’t want to grow up fearing to give up his dreams.

Months of preparation and stage coordination showed the talents of the students of Saint John’s School Meruya. The students contributed to their own talents. Some play on stage, some played the music and sang, and some others were responsible for the properties on the stage.

There were a lot of lesson between the preparation and the performance. Students learned to manage their time to study and practice. They were also learning to be responsible for their tasks in the play. Hopefully, it will help them to improve their working skill in the future.