In response to the Regulation from the Minister of Education about the national uniform, Saint John’s Catholic School students are now using their new Monday uniform. White skirt with the emblem of the Indonesian national flag combined with red skirt or shorts for the Primary School students, blue skirt or shorts for the Junior High School students, and grey skirt or trousers for the Senior High School students.

The Student Councils and the new students of Saint John’s Catholic School High School come today, July 27, 2015, for the new students’ orientation.

Primary School students also come using their new uniforms. They are happy to start the new academic year, meeting with friends after a long vacation. Students enjoy their first day of school. Some classes started by playing together, some other did their activities inside the classrooms.

It is nice to have a great start, hoping that the new academic year will be full of amazing development in skills and in achievements.