February 4 – Monday

Monday of the Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

Gospel: MK 5:1-20



A man driven mad by the evil force of a legion found refuge in the one person who could set him free. A legion is no small force – but an army more than 5,000 strong! For the people in the time of Jesus' ministry, hemmed in by occupied forces, a legion, whether spiritual or human, struck terror! Legions at their wildest committed unmentionable atrocities.

Do you ever experience yourself being tormented by guilt from the past, by inability to do what you wish to do, or by fear of the future? Do you feel sometimes that you are living in a tomb, in a lifeless situation? If so, you can identify with the unfortunate demoniac. You may feel Jesus is at a distance, but run to him and beg him to liberate you. He wants you to be free and will heal you. Then you too can ‘go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you’.


Prayer: (all together)

Lord Jesus, you who have the power to liberate me from guilt, unbind me from this unfortunate demoniac and let me live in your presence. Amen