February 6 – Wednesday

Memorial of Saint Paul Miki and Companions, Martyrs

Gospel: MK 6:1-6



Are you critical towards others, especially those who may be close to you? The most severe critics are often people very familiar to us, a member of our family, a relative, or neighbor or co-worker we rub shoulders with on a regular basis. Jesus faced a severe testing when he returned to his home town, not simply as the carpenter's son, but now as a rabbi with disciples.

Perhaps today’s Gospel invites us to be with Jesus in the profound suffering this must have caused Him. You might then let Jesus be with you in the ways you suffer when people are not sensitive to, or show respect for your dignity as a human being or as a Christian.


Prayer: (all together)

Lord Jesus, Your Spirit brings grace, truth, freedom, and abundant life. Set our hearts on fire with your love and truth. Amen