June 21 – Friday

Memorial of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, Religious


Gospel Reading: MT 6:19-23



Here, Jesus offers a treasure of incomparable value and worth, but we need healthy eyes – good spiritual vision – to recognize what is the greatest treasure we can possess. What Jesus said about seeking treasure made perfect sense to his audience: keep what lasts!

Jesus contrasts two very different kinds of wealth – material wealth and spiritual wealth. Jesus urges his disciples to get rich by investing in wealth and treasure which truly lasts – not just for a life-time – but for all eternity as well. Jesus offers heavenly treasures which cannot lose their value by changing circumstances, such as diminishing currency, damage or destruction, loss or theft. The treasure which Jesus offers is kept safe and free from corruption by God himself.


Prayer: (all together)

Lord Jesus, help to choose the treasures that can last, treasures that I can pass to the next generation. Amen