Saint John’s Youth Nation Cup (SYNC) 2017 highlighted the richness of Indonesian diversity under the tagline Maneka. Schools sent school’s representatives to join SYNC’s competitions. Students’ creativity showed out in the mural painting competition. The participants transferred the colourful Indonesia in their paintings.

The Cultural Night was a blast with parents came along and enjoyed the night with Nadin, Teza Sumendra, and Kahitna. Parents, alumni, and guests sang along in the crowd. The cloudy night was not a big deal as they were swinging together enjoying the night.

The cultural night was the peak of the SYNC. It contains all the hard work poured in by the Student Councils to prepare and to fund the SYNC.

The head of Kala with Wayang and  Mega Mendung design on the stage enhanced the grandeur of Indonesian culture. The mural paintings welcoming all the audience from the front gate were cherishing the Indonesian diversity.

An audience from SMAN 2 wrote in Kompas Muda sharing the joyous atmosphere in Saint John’s Cultural Night and praised the creativity of the Student Council who organized the event. Thumbs up for the organizer!