May 15 – Tuesday

Tuesday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Reading: JN 17:1-11A





St. Isidore was canonized with some of the greater and well-known Spanish saints, such as Ignatius of Loyola, Francis Xavier, Teresa of Avila, and the Italian Philip Neri in 1622. He was a humble Spanish farmer who, in turn, had a humble wife who was also canonized as a saint (St. Maria de la Cabeza). He is admired around the world as a hardworking laborer and a religious and loving husband. Their only son was taken from them in early childhood. Isidore fully offered himself to God in his marriage, work and life. He is a great example of what Jesus tells us in the Gospel today. He was truly a Christian in the world seeking to live a virtuous life, consecrated in the truth, and protected by God. He was bountiful in the love of God and his neighbor. Isidore teaches us that whatever we do with our lives should glorify God.

Even in the mundane activities of life, one can achieve sanctification. The extent to which we are open to cooperate with the grace of God will be the extent that we can consider ourselves as saints in the making. As followers of Christ, we can be sure of His divine protection, power and provision. Jesus is faithful to His word and He will not see any of us lost, except those who choose to be lost.


In these days leading to the great Pentecost, let us call upon the Spirit to set us apart. We are to show and witness to others the grace of God present in our midst.

Fr. Brian Steele, MGL


Prayer: St Isidore the farmer, pray for us.