We are Arx de Dux.

We promote solidarity, unity and progress.

Through these principles we aim to make Saint John’s Catholic School a better learning environment for everyone!

Our vision is to challenge the students in Saint John’s Catholic School to go beyond their limits and reach their full potentials for the improvement of the community. Our mission is to promote dynamism and enthusiasm in learning while training to become worthy leaders of the future through Scientia, Virtus, et Vita.

Banking on our core values – solidarity, unity and progress, we can assure you that our team foundation is rock solid and we are confident that we will make an impact in the studentry leadership.

One of our first tasks is to work hand in hand with our school administration and faculty to advance the English proficiency in our St. John community through fun-filled, practical activities. We can’t wait to share with you all our proactive plans for the coming school year!

Perhaps you might be wondering why we chose Darth Vader as our symbol. The answer is simple – he is an awesome leader who leads by example and inspiration. That is exactly what Arx De Dux is all about.

So, make sure you choose number 2 –fortress of the leaders! ARX DE DUX! BORN TO LEAD!