Our young generation is the Z generation (we will call it as Gen Z), they are younger than the millennials. These Gen Z children grew up with the gadget. It is undeniable that learning through the internet is like a double-edged sword, it cut both ways. For some people, Gen Z is not separable from the gadget and the fast development of technology in the 21st Century.

In a talk show seminar on 9th September 2017, Bunda Lucy, a psychologist, and Yoris Sebastian, a creative consultant shared their views on how to help to lead our Gen Z students into a creative person who is also equipped with resiliency.

Bunda Lucy described how parents, forced by their guilty feeling for sharing only limited time with their kids, let their children played in unlimited time with their gadgets. The feeling of being alone and stressed sometimes caused the negative cases on these youngsters.

These youngsters are exposed to the fast and instant way of the new technology. Instant food, instant news delivery through the internet. Gen Z is different from the Gen Y who is an older generation. Youngsters who were born after the year 2001 were born in the fast changing of the digital era. “Yet, they should not be a generation demanding for an instant gratification. Instead, they should be a fast generation,“ said Yoris. It means that these youngsters still need to learn the process of gaining something, the process of learning something, only in a faster way. Parents and teachers are their role models, coaches who will help them to know the process and to learn from it.

Children from the Gen Z category can learn fast through the fast-changing technology. They can be creative and productive only by learning new knowledge through the internet. The different way of ethics in communication created the gap between this generation and the older generation.

It is a challenge for parents to bridge their communication with their children. People might think that these children are inseparable with their gadgets. Yet, deep down inside their heart, they are still children who love playing even with a non-gadget instrument. It is the task of their elder to teach them how to maximize the function of their gadget and to manage their time using their gadget wisely.

Most of these youngsters knew their passion, but they are lacking in grit, lack in their capability to keep their passion alive and to have the resiliency in facing a hard time in reaching out for their dreams.

“Resiliency means that they are running their lives in a marathon way, not as in a sprint competition,” explained Yoris.

According to Yoris, a great parent should be able to inspire his or her children. These children can only move forward if they can motivate themselves. Showing them the good direction and guiding them to differentiate the good and the bad consequences of an act will help them to think critically and to be smart in making their decisions. Learning through the process, both using their critical thinking and experience, and not forbidding them to try it out will also help them to develop their creativities.

To help Gen Z to flourish as a generation with creativity and resiliency, parents need to spare a special time with their children. By sharing time together, they will be closer to harmonized their way of communication with their children’s way of communication.



Writers: Dyah Setyaningsih, Bryan Alexander (SHS)

Photographers: Niki, Elvin