lunar new yearThe celebration of Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day in the Kindergarten Unit was a fun and creative celebration involving parents, students, and teachers. Friday, 12th February 2016, a bit ahead of the Valentine’s Day, the celebration seemed to focus on the Lunar New Year with lion dance and the Mandarin songs. Yet, the spirit of togetherness, loving each other as a part of a family, and as a part of the school members created the wonderful moment of togetherness.lunar new year2

Started in the morning, Pre-K and Kindergarten students worked together with their parents in their classrooms. In the Kindergarten 2, students and parents were exploring into their creative minds to make a special lion dance presentation. Creativity was shown in their own interpretation of lion, one group made a huge eye out of used plastic cup, while the other group used ping pong balls as the eyes.lunar new year3

Pre-K and K1 students made and presented their own lion puppets. Some students sang Mandarin songs. In the parade, there was also a parade of the student made Chinese Zodiac. Parents and teachers watched them with pride.